In Lima:
  1. IRIC: Numerical Modeling of Rivers
    August 25-August 26, 2015 - Lima

    Dr. Nelson1, Dr. Shimizu2
    1National Research Program, USGS, USA
    2Hokkaido University, Japan
    Short description and contents

In Iquitos:
  1. 2-week Short Course pre-RCEM: August 10-August 21, 2015 - Iquitos
    CREAR-ED-SPA: Ciencia, Cultura y Tecnología para el Conocimiento de la Amazonia (In Spanish)

    CREAR and SHNA
    Short description and contents

  2. Monitoring flow, discharge, turbulence and suspended sediment from ADCPs
    August 28-August 30, 2015 – Iquitos

    Dr. A.J.F. Hoitink1, Dr. R.N. Szupiany2 and B. Vermeulen, MSc1
    1Department of Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
    2National University of Litoral, Santa Fe, Argentina
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  3. Short course direction. See the map below.

  4. 2D and 3D Modeling of Flow and Bed Morphodynamics using TELEMAC
    August 28-August 30, 2015 – Iquitos

    Dr. P. Tassi1,2, Dr. R. Ata1,2, Dr. K. El Kadi Abderrezzak1,2, Dr. A. Mendoza3, and Dr. E.J. Langendoen4
    1EDF R&D, National Laboratory for Hydraulics en Environment, Chatou, France
    2Saint Venant Laboratory for Hydraulics, Chatou, France
    3Metropolitan Autonomous University, Unit-Lerma, Lerma de Villada, Mexico
    4US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, National Sedimentation Laboratory, Oxford, MS, USA
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  5. Short course direction. See the map below.

  6. The Amazon River from late Tertiary to present: paleogeographic reorganization of the basin, Quaternary record and present morphodynamics
    September 4, 2015 - Iquitos

    Dr. Latrubesse11
    1Department of Geography and the Environment, The University of Texas at Austin, USA
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