Dr. Astrid Blom
Associate Professor, Hydraulic Engineering
Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

Keynote lecture: The effects of size selective transport and abrasion on river profile concavity and downstream fining


Research interests: Morphodynamics of sand-gravel rivers and Gilbert deltas, as well as mass conservation models for mixed sediment that account for the stochastics of bedform geometry and sorting mechanisms with dunes.

Dr. Carl T. Friedrichs
Department Chair, Professor of Marine Science
Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Keynote lecture: Tidal Flats Morphodynamics: A Synthesis


Research interests: Better understand the fundamental aspects of coastal and estuarine physics which control sediment and other material fluxes at time-and length-scales important to geology, biogeochemistry, and ecology.

Dr. Heidi Nepf
Donald and Martha Harleman Professor
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Keynote lecture: Vegetation-­Flow Interaction and Possible Feedbacks to System Structure Function


Research interests: Physical mechanisms which affect transport and fate of contaminants and nutrients in lakes, wetlands, and coastal zones, vegetated flow dynamics.

Dr. James Syvitski
Executive Director, CSDMS – Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System & University of Colorado Professor

Keynote lecture: An Incredible Tropical River System


Research interests: Fjords, Rivers, Deltas, Estuaries, Particle Dynamics, Sediment Transport & Stratigraphy, Continental Margins, Gravity Flows, Animal-Sediment Interactions.





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