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CREAR was officially inaugurated on 25 November 2011, as an umbrella consortium, with charter members representing the following institutions: University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; the Service of Hydrography and Navigation of the Amazon; the Peruvian Amazon Research Institute; the National Meteorology and Hydrology Service; the National Peruvian Amazon University; and the Scientific University of Peru. CREAR´s planning and administrative activities are carried out in the city of Iquitos, Peru, located at an altitude of about 100 meters above sea level and 120 km downstream of the confluence of the Ucayali (meandering channel) and the Marañon (anabranching channel), the confluence precisely where the Amazon River is born. CREAR´s environment provides everyone involved with its activities excellent opportunities -- not only to know the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon (500,000 inhabitants approximately), but also to observe the Amazon river dynamics and to experience first-hand the Amazonian ecosystems.

The Peruvian tropical rainforest is the largest and most pristine in the world, providing many functions essential to sustain life on Earth: oxygen production; carbon dioxide sequestration; nitrogen fixation; temperature regulation; air purification; and one of the most biologically diverse areas on our planet.

The Amazon region has served as a natural laboratory for multi-disciplinary basic and applied research on a wide variety of topics. But there's much more to do, and opportunities abound. The CREAR institutions are crossing boundaries and initiating extensive collaboration on topics such as hydrology, climate change, river hydraulics, geomorphology, social, health-related issues, navigation, interconnections, ecology, hydrography, and economics, among others.

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